Saturday   04/04/2020  |  11/08/1441 H
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Interior
General Directorate of Border Guard
About Border Guard

1. Fighting smuggling and infiltration.

 2. Early warning of any unusual movements near the borders.

 3. Coordination and participation with other military forces' branches to protect the borders of the Kingdom against any threat as per an integrated defense system.

 4. To prevent entry, access to, or presence in the land borders area, arrest violators and applying regulations against them.

 5. Prevent any alterations in the border area or exercising any activity other than the authorized.

  6. Monitoring maritime areas, ensuring compliance of persons with regulations governing the presence in each region, fighting organized crime across borders in the maritime field, maritime terrorism, and other maritime crimes, and detain the violators.

7. Protect the beach area, inland waters, and islands, and guard the territorial sea of the Kingdom.

 8. Keeping security within ports and harbors and securing of land ports.

  9. Guarding maritime facilities and sea fronts of coastal vital facilities.

10- Inspecting means of land and sea transportation when suspecting in them while their present or crossing a land border area or maritime areas and detain the violators.

 11. Conduct search, rescue and coordination operations, and maritime disasters management, guide and assist the lost people in land and maritime areas and help them.

 12. Observing the maritime and coastal environment and notify the competent authorities about any environmental hazards or pollution and detain the violators.

13. Observing the actions and activities on the borders by the neighboring countries and to make sure that they do not violate the agreements concluded with the neighboring countries.

14. Raising awareness of maritime safety and monitoring the compliance of maritime activities practitioners with security and safety requirements.

 15. Collect and analyze information and data needed in the implementation of tasks.

 16. Cooperation and coordination with other bodies inside and outside the Kingdom within the scope of the regulations, border agreements and border regulation authorities and what is required by the public interest within Border Guard Tasks.

 17. Develop the necessary strategies and plans and use appropriate weapons, modern surveillance systems, equipment and installations and qualifying staff.